10 Landing Page Testing Mistakes You Should Avoid

There are different types of testing methods and strategies that you can use for the sake of checking if your landing page is up to the mark. However, when you are planning these strategies, there are a few common mistakes that you must avoid.

1. Absence of a plan

When you are carrying out landing page testing, you have to ensure that you have the right plan. The absence of a plan would lead to failure of the testing method as it will not yield any positive output.

2. Low traffic for pages

If the pages that you are testing have an extremely low traffic, the results may not be accurate. You need a high traffic zone for carrying out such testing. If you have chosen multivariate testing, you rely even more on traffic count.

3. Testing a lot of parameters

If you are testing a wide variety of different parameters, the strategies would fail to be of help. You have to carefully pick the right points that you have to test as it should neither be too much nor too less.

4. Absence of success parameters

When you are testing your landing pages, you need to define the success parameters beforehand. If you fail to define these points, your testing strategy can fail miserably.

5. Lack of follow-up experiments

The tests that are conducted should be followed by different experiments. These experiments help in confirming the results that you have obtained and thus lack of follow up tests can make your testing campaign a failure.

6. Failure to track results

If you do not monitor or keep a track of the results that are shown on the landing page, you would fail to capitalize on the testing camp. Irrespective of the fact as to whether you are choosing AB testing or Multivariate testing, you have to keep an eye out for the changes and track the progress that you can observe.

7. Long duration of tests

In order to get the best output and efficient testing results, you must time your tests diligently. No test should be run for too long as it would fail to yield the right result. So, you should run the test for a specific amount of time which should not be too long.

8. Relying on different opinions

Too many people will give too many opinions. So, you should not rely on the opinion that people give; rather you should put emphasis on the testing strategies and implement actions depending upon test scenario results.

9. Ignoring the big changes

When you are choosing the test scenario, you should not ignore the big test scenarios. Do not fuss about small details and ignore the big points as it will hurt the growth of your pages. In order to get higher traffic, you have to look out for the big changes and major testing criteria.

10. Ignoring the external factors

Even when you are measuring the testing results and choosing the right scenario, you should not ignore the external factors.  The external factors would help you in bringing more traffic and will determine the design which can be a winning combination.

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