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Passing Data Between Window Forms in C#.NET

Passing data between two Window forms can be handling using the Static variables on the forms. Today I am going to show you that how to pass data from one window form to another window form. In this project I am using two window forms names Form1 and Form2. and then I am going to pass the data of Form1 to Form2. Also I am using Static variables on Form2 to fetch data from Form1.

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How to browse an Image and create thumbnail of image in C#.NET Window Project

Uploading an image in the Web Application is very simple. Because the fileupload control is available to do this. But in Window Application this task can be implement by writing code. There is no control available to do this directly. So today I will show you how to browse an image from your system harddisk to your Window Project and also I will tell you to create a Thumbnail of image in C#.NET.

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How to customize the Dialog Box in C#.Net Window Application

Hello everyone, how to show a Dialog Box in C#.NET Window Application? Its very simple task because you just have to show the messagebox.Show() method. But some time we need to customize the dialog box according to our requirement. Today I will show you that how to customize the Dialog Box in C#.NET Window Application.

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How to validate Email Address in Window Form in C#.NET

  • July 26, 2011 at 9:33 am

A perfect Application should not only to show the output as our requirement, the application should also validated by the developer who developed the application. For web application we can use the controls to validate the web page. But in Window Application there is no available control for validation. We have to write code to perform various validations. So friends! How to know that EMail Id that was insert by the user is validate or not? The Email Id called a valid Email Id when it was inserted in the proper expression.This article will show you that how to validate Email Id in Window Application Form.

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How to use Timer Control to develop a Stop Watch Application in C#.NET

  • July 25, 2011 at 7:48 am

While developing Window Application in ASP.NET some time we need to use Timer Control for some specific purpose. The Timer control is mainly used to show your output in specific time intervals. Simply we can say that the Timer control is used in that applications where the developer used to show the output after some time intervals. This interval can be a second, a millisecond or else. Today, I will show you to use the Timer control to develop a Stop Watch Application. The Stop Watch is used in many applications now a days.

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Create Non-Rectangular WinForm in ASP.NET

Hello friends! welcome to DotNetAid. This article is for ASP.NET developers. Some time while developing application in specially in Window Application we need to create such a winform in non-rectangular shape. A non-rectangular winform can also make your application more attractive. So today, In this article, I am sharing a demo project to create non-rectangular winform in ASP.NET. This demo project is developed in C# language and Visual Studio 2010 tool.

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