Exception Handling using Try-Catch-Finally Block

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No software and application can run free from error. Error can occur in a variety of situations like attempts to divide by zero, attempt to connect to a limited resource or code has insufficient security credentials. Most of .NET Languages support structured exception handling. When errors Occurs in your application, the .NET Framework creates an exception object that represents the problem.

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How to Use SiteMapPath Control in Web Applicatioin

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The SiteMapPath control basically is used to access web pages of the website from one webpage to another. It is a navigation control and displays the map of the site related to its web pages. This map includes the pages in the particular website and displays the name of those pages. You can click on that particular page in the Site Map to navigate to that page. We can say that the SiteMapPath control displays links for connecting to URLs of other pages. The SiteMapPath control uses a property called SiteMapProvider for accessing data from databases and it stores the information in a data source.

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How to Fetch the Checked Value in RadioButtonList Control in WinForm

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In this article I will tell you that how to use the RadioButton control as a RadioButtonList control in ASP.NET Winforms. As you know that there is no specific control in place of RadioButtonList. So we use the RadionButton control and do some code so that we can use the RadioControl like a RadioButtonList control. I have taken 4 RadioButton controls in a panel. When you put all the RadioButton Controls in any single Container Control of ASP.NET, in that case the RadioButton control works like a RadioButtonList control. Also one important thing is that, when you want to fetch the selected value then you need to use the container control in which you have put all the RadioButton Controls.

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How to Show the Selected Item in the CheckBoxList – Fetching from the DataBase

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I have divided this project in two sections. In first part of the project we will bind the CheckBoxList with Database as we did earlier. Then we will select some of the items from the CheckBoxList and insert into the DataBase Table. After the completion we will proceed to the next part of the project. In the second part we will fetch the value from the DataBase and fill the CheckBoxList with selected value only that we have inserted. As we will proceed you will get what we are actually doing.

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