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Implementing Skew Transformation in WPF

In this article we are going to perform the one of the basic Transformation technique that is Skew Transform. The term Transformation means perform rotation with the object. The rotation can be performed on the x-axis or may be on y-axis. he term Skew means to turn or place something at an angle or on its side. In this article we are implementing the Skew Transform in four different different directions. These directions are any angle of X or angle of Y or center of X or center of Y. We are doing all this task in a WPF application of .NET. Firstly we will discuss about the controls used to perform this. then we will discuss that how we can implement the Skew Transform in the WPF application.

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Binding Combobox Control With Multiple Columns of Database Table

Previously we have discussed that how to bind Combo box control with Database Table’s column in WinForm. Today I will tell you that how to bind a Combo box control with multiple columns of a particular table. The way of binding is very simple. We are not writing extra code or not writing any complicated code to perform this task. Just in this article you will get what you are doing to perform this. Also we are fetching records in SqlDataReader and then binding multiple columns with Combo box Control. I have attached a project that will guide you to implement this task technically. Also I am attaching the coding of the page that will help you to learn the process.

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SQL Server Database Backup and Restore Database

While working with database we need to store our information time to time. and for that purpose we take the backup for that database. Backing up a database provide many solutions for us. The main thing is if we lost our database from SQL Server then we can restore our database from our computer. Also when we perform changes in our database the backup database automatically update the changes to the backup file. In this article we are going to create a backup file of Database. The backup file always contain the extension (.bak). Also we are going to learn how to restore the database later in the article.

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Fetching Records from Multiple Tables in SQL Database

When we are working with Tables in Database we need to perform some basic operation with Tables. These operations may be inserting records, updating records etc. The most important operation we need to know about the table is fetching records from the Table, also we can say retrieving records from tables. Sometime we need to retrieve records from multiple tables. When we are talking about more than a table the term “JOIN” comes in our mind. Because we use to Join two or more tables. The Joining of two or more table is very easy to implement in SQL Database. but we need to understand the basic concept of Joining. In this article we are fetching records from two tables using a simple query(not joining tables). Also we have used alias name for both tables.

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TreeView Navigation Control in ASP.NET

Previously we have discussed about Navigation controls in ASP.NET. Also we saw that how to use the SiteMapPath control for navigation between pages. Today we are going to use another Navigation control. The control is TreeView control. TreeView control is also used to navigate from one page to other page in an ASP.NET web application. Using the control in our web application is very simple. We need to drag and drop only the TreeView control from the Toolbar. Also after dragging and dropping the TreeView Control we need to add the nodes so that we can navigate from one page to other page easily. In this article you will see very small and simple example that will show you to use the control.

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How to Attach Database File with Window Application Project

Attaching Database file inside your ASP.NET Window Application Project is not necessary but sometimes it is very useful for us. There are two ways to use database with your project. The first one is create a database in SQL server and write code in your front end to make a connection and the other one is attach a database inside the project with your project. The main benefit of attaching a database with your project is we do not need to copy our database file while moving our project from one system to other system. The database file is saved inside the project that means the file will pass automatically when we move the project.

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Constraints and Types of Constraints in SQL

Hello guys, I hope you are enjoy reading article. Today we are going to discuss the Constraints that we need to use in SQL while programming. Some time we need to put some type of restriction on the column of the table. These restriction are called constraints. Also we are going to discuss the types of Constraints in this article. We use constraints to bound the column so that we can perform any operation according to our requirement. Using constraints we can increase our security of database as well as we can co-relate more tables with each other…

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Implementing If-Else Statements in T-SQL(MS SQL Server)

Control-of-flow statements are very must for any programming language. A complete project can not be completed without any condition. And when we talk about the condition there are various types of control statements in T-SQL. Today we will discuss first If statement then If-Else statements in T-SQL. If-Else statements do the same task as for any other language. It checks for a condition if the condition is true then execute the “IF” part otherwise executes the “ELSE” part. And then we will learn how to grouping code into blocks so that we can perform various operation in single If or Else condition.  Read More →

Creating, Altering, Dropping and Executing Sproc or Stored Procedure in MS SQL Server

Stored Procedure also known as Sproc or SP is used to perform some operation like a Function works. The main difference between Stored Procedure and Function is that in a Function always returns a value but a Stored Procedure doesn’t return value always. We prefer the Stored Procedure than Function in while programming in MS SQL Server. Today in this article I will tell you how to create a Stored Procedure, Altering the existing Stored Procedure and Dropping the Stored Procedure. Also I am describing the syntex of each. With the syntex you will get the best suitable example that will help you to learn the Stored Procedure easily. Later we will discuss some other features like how to use parameters as well as how to return a value from Sproc etc in our coming articles.

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How to use RadioButton Controls as RadioButtonList Control in ASP.NET WinForm

ASP.NET provide some list controls to select single as well as multiple values from a specific group. The RadioButton control is one of them. Previously we have learned how to work with CheckBox Control and CheckBoxList Control. The Radio Button List is also used to get a value from the list. But the main diference is that from the RadioButtonList we can select only one value from one group at a single time. If we are talking about the ASP.NET web application then there is a RadioButtonList oontrol that you can use. But while programming in the WinForm or Window Application you dont have any RadioButtonList Control. There is only RadioButton Control.  Read More →