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Techinline : Easy and Best Remote PC Support Soultion

The advancements in the technical sector have revealed to us new and innovative concepts of being able to access a remote computer. Just the very idea of being able to get inside the personal computer of a friend or an associate and browse through all of the files and folders, surely gives us a birds eye view of otherwise prohibited information. Even if we were granted the permission by which to actually access the information, the adrenaline rush of being able to actually “hack” into someones private data is far greater than the risk involved.

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Get Expert Server Monitoring Solution – Monitor Scout

Website uptime is quite considerable feature of any online business. Downtime of such website may lead to a major loss in monetary terms and reputation as well. So it would be good if you have any solution to track how your website and the server on which your website is being hosted are performing. Monitor Scout is the optimal solution to the server monitoring and website monitoring services. One of the leading servers tracking provider, which tend to serve you from more than 15 locations worldwide.

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How to Bind Data to TextBox inside GridView

Hello Friends, We have discussed many thing on GridView previously. Today we are going to discuss one more and interesting thing that you can implement inside GridView. Today in this article I am going to tell you how to bind data with a toolbox control that is Textbox control inside a GridView. To perform this We have put a Textbox inside the GridView.I have attached a demo project with this article as well as you can use the code directly from this article. As you will proceed you will get the idea to perform this. Feel free to share your doubt.

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Generate Randon Machine Key in your ASP.NET Application

A machineKey generator allowing static keys in ASP.NET 1.1 or 2.0 applications. There are two keys that ASP.NET uses to encrypt, decrypt, and validate data in ViewState, Forms Authetication tickets, and out-of-process Session data. The decryptionKey is used for encryption and decryption of authentication tickets and encrypted ViewState information. The validationKey is used to validate ViewState and ensure it hasn’t been tampered with, and generate unique application-specific session IDs for out-of-process session storage.

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Wizard Control In ASP.NET

Wizard Control of ASP.NET help us to create a step by step wizard in our website. The Wizard control used when we want a big number of entries from user. Mainly we use this control in signup process of our site. In this article we will learn to use the Wizard control as well as we will see that how to customize the Wizard control according to our requirement. I have attached a demo project with this article. In this project I have used upto 3 steps. You can use more steps if required.

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