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ASP.NET – Passing Multiple Values in Querystring

Using the Querystring is the another method to pass information between pages in your ASP.NET application. As we know that Querystring is the portion of the URL after a Question Mark(?). The information is always retrieved as a string that can be converted with any type.Here we get the code to pass multiple values at a single time in Querystring.

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Cookies with Multiple Values in ASP.NET

Recently we discussed various facts about a Cookie. Today we will see that how a single cookie can store multiple values. First we will create a Cookie then we will store multiple values in the same Cookie. Also the important thing is to retrieve the all values of that cookies. Whether you can retrieve the values in the same variable of multiple variables.

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ASP.NET Cookies – Creating, Retrieving and Deleting Cookies

Cookies are used to store the information when web server and web browser are not connected. This information can be about the online visitors, total visits to that particular application etc. A cookie is used to identify a user. The cookie is a small text file that is sent by web server and saved by web browser on client machine. A cookie is also knows as Http Cookie, Session Cookie, Web Cookie etc.

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Cast() Function in SQL Server

The Cast() Function is used to change the data type of a column. We can use the cast() function for various purpose.


Cast(Original_Expression as Desired_DataType)
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Convert() Function in SQL Server

The convert() function is used to convert an expression of one  specific data type to another type. Also this function can be used to represent the value of date/time type variable in different different format. As we will discuss later in this post we will see how we accomplish this task.

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Reference Type in C#

Reference type are important features of the C# language. They enable us to write complex and powerful application and effectively use the run-time framework. If we define the reference type variables in C# then the Reference type variables contain a reference to the data not the value. The value is stored in a separate memory area. for example in C# we used several reference type variables such as Classes, Structures, Array, Enumeration etc.

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Boxing and Unboxing in C#

The two terms Boxing and Unboxing in C# are used when we need to convert one data type to other type. First we will discuss the Boxing. Boxing is the process of converting a Value type to the other Object type. When we use the Boxing of a value type to an objtct type the CLR wraps its value inside System.Object and stores it on the managed heap. In the term unboxing we perform reverse of boxing. In unboxing the value of an object type extracts and converted into value type. Boxing is an implicit process so we need not to write any code to box a value type. But in case of unboxing we need to do it explicitly,

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Namespace in C#.Net

Definition: As we know that every piece of code in .Net exists inside a .Net Type. Generally we put the code inside the class. The namespace is a collection of these classes or types. Every type exists inside a namespace. Namespaces can organize all the different types in the class library. Without namespace, these types would be grouped into a single long and messy list. In .Net the System namespace is stocked with several hundred classes. Also many namespaces are exists inside the System namespace. There are many namespaces that are must while developing a .Net application.

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C#.NET – Creating DLL to Hide Your Code

The DLL also called Dynamic Link Library is a file that can be used dynamically by other programs. We create the DLL mainly to hide our confidential code so that we can use the code everywhere but can not see the code. When we talk about the layers or 3 and above tier application we need to understand one thing that why we create layers in our project. We only show some part of code to everyone and hide the main coding part. The benefit is we can use this code but can not see this.

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