Cookies with Multiple Values in ASP.NET

Recently we discussed various facts about a Cookie. Today we will see that how a single cookie can store multiple values. First we will create a Cookie then we will store multiple values in the same Cookie. Also the important thing is to retrieve the all values of that cookies. Whether you can retrieve the values in the same variable of multiple variables.

Creating Cookie with Multiple Values:

Response.Cookies["empCookie"]["name"]= txtName.Text;
Response.Cookies["empCookie"]["age"]= txtAge.Text;
Response.Cookies["empCookie"]["Location"]= txtLocation.Text;

Retrieving multiple Cookies Value in single Variable:

We are going to Fetch the value in a single variable with comma(,) seperated value.

 string empdetails;
 empdetails = Request.Cookies["empCookie"]["name"]+","+Request.Cookies["empCookie"]["Age"]+","+Request.Cookies["empCookies"]["Location"];

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