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How to Add Fade In Effect to ASP.Net Pages

ASP.Net is not just about creating Web based projects but we can also use features like CSS, Javascript, jquery etc. to enhance the feel and look of the webpage. Such kinds of enhancements create a deep interest and also grab an immediate attention of the web visitor. One such effect is Fade In on pageload. I was going through a random page on Internet and found it very cool so thought about implementing the same in ASP.Net

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How to add TabPages in TabControl dynamically in a C#.NET Window Application

Today I will tell you about using Tab Control in a Window Application Form. The Tab Control is mainly used to show our WinForms together as a TabPages. Also I am going to share that how to add TabPages at run time or we can say that add Tabpages dynamically. In this project you will learn many useful things about C# WinForms and Tab Control.

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