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Posts tagged "asp-net"

ASP.NET – Passing Multiple Values in Querystring

Using the Querystring is the another method to pass information between pages in your ASP.NET application. As we know that Querystring is the portion of the URL after a Question Mark(?). The information is always retrieved as a string that can be converted with any type.Here we get the code to pass multiple values at a single time in Querystring.

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ASP.NET Cookies – Creating, Retrieving and Deleting Cookies

Cookies are used to store the information when web server and web browser are not connected. This information can be about the online visitors, total visits to that particular application etc. A cookie is used to identify a user. The cookie is a small text file that is sent by web server and saved by web browser on client machine. A cookie is also knows as Http Cookie, Session Cookie, Web Cookie etc.

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Boxing and Unboxing in C#

The two terms Boxing and Unboxing in C# are used when we need to convert one data type to other type. First we will discuss the Boxing. Boxing is the process of converting a Value type to the other Object type. When we use the Boxing of a value type to an objtct type the CLR wraps its value inside System.Object and stores it on the managed heap. In the term unboxing we perform reverse of boxing. In unboxing the value of an object type extracts and converted into value type. Boxing is an implicit process so we need not to write any code to box a value type. But in case of unboxing we need to do it explicitly,

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How to Add Fade In Effect to ASP.Net Pages

ASP.Net is not just about creating Web based projects but we can also use features like CSS, Javascript, jquery etc. to enhance the feel and look of the webpage. Such kinds of enhancements create a deep interest and also grab an immediate attention of the web visitor. One such effect is Fade In on pageload. I was going through a random page on Internet and found it very cool so thought about implementing the same in ASP.Net

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Pros-Cons of URL Mapping in ASP.Net

The concept of URL mapping was introduced for the very first time in ASP.Net version 2.0 and ever since, it has been in existence. While most of the Web-developers who develop their projects on prefer going for URL Mapping whereas there are developers who don’t like to go with the concept of URL mapping. In this article, we will discuss about the Pros and Cons of URL mapping in but before moving further, I would give a small definition to newbies of

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How to Generate Random Password in ASP.NET

While ASP.NET is known for providing users/developers with inbuilt functions and methods for creating Login forms etc., yet there are sometimes when we need to generate a random password string for every new user created. Especially in applications like Online Examinations System where the admin generates a random default password for every new user created. We can make use of inbuilt random class for it and get the things done easily. So here we are discussing the best way to do so along with a step by step instruction with code:

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Generate Randon Machine Key in your ASP.NET Application

A machineKey generator allowing static keys in ASP.NET 1.1 or 2.0 applications. There are two keys that ASP.NET uses to encrypt, decrypt, and validate data in ViewState, Forms Authetication tickets, and out-of-process Session data. The decryptionKey is used for encryption and decryption of authentication tickets and encrypted ViewState information. The validationKey is used to validate ViewState and ensure it hasn’t been tampered with, and generate unique application-specific session IDs for out-of-process session storage.

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Wizard Control In ASP.NET

Wizard Control of ASP.NET help us to create a step by step wizard in our website. The Wizard control used when we want a big number of entries from user. Mainly we use this control in signup process of our site. In this article we will learn to use the Wizard control as well as we will see that how to customize the Wizard control according to our requirement. I have attached a demo project with this article. In this project I have used upto 3 steps. You can use more steps if required.

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Build a Setup Project in ASP.NET

There are three types of applications in and that are Console Applications, Web Applications and Window Applications. Today we are talking about Window Applications. While developing Window Applications we need to remember the most import thing about the Window Applications work area. As we know that Window Applications or Window Projects run on the client system. and to run this projects on the client system we need to create a setup of the project. In this article we will discuss that how to build a setup project in ASP.NET. I have attached some screen shots that will help you to understand the process easily. We will proceed through step by step.

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TreeView Navigation Control in ASP.NET

Previously we have discussed about Navigation controls in ASP.NET. Also we saw that how to use the SiteMapPath control for navigation between pages. Today we are going to use another Navigation control. The control is TreeView control. TreeView control is also used to navigate from one page to other page in an ASP.NET web application. Using the control in our web application is very simple. We need to drag and drop only the TreeView control from the Toolbar. Also after dragging and dropping the TreeView Control we need to add the nodes so that we can navigate from one page to other page easily. In this article you will see very small and simple example that will show you to use the control.

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