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C#.NET – Creating DLL to Hide Your Code

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The DLL also called Dynamic Link Library is a file that can be used dynamically by other programs. We create the DLL mainly to hide our confidential code so that we can use the code everywhere but can not see the code. When we talk about the layers or 3 and above tier application we need to understand one thing that why we create layers in our project. We only show some part of code to everyone and hide the main coding part. The benefit is we can use this code but can not see this.

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How to Extract a URL’s Title, Description and Images using HTML Agility Utility

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Extracting the details from any web page URL is not so easy task. Because you need something to track that page. In this article we are going to extract the details like Title, Description and collection of Images. To do this we need HTML Agility Utility in our web application. When we share a link on Facebook or Google+ we see that the Image and description comes automatically after few seconds. Exactly they have coding to perform this. As we will proceed in this article we will learn step by step to do this. I am attaching a link to download the HTML Agility Utility and also the demo project that you can download on your PC for reference.

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How to Get Connection String from App.config in .Net Application

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Hello guys,

As we know that while interacting our SQL database to our C#.net or VB.net application we need to access the connectionstring of the SQL database. Once we access the connectionstring then we can use this to execute the SQL commands in our coding page. Now the question is when we have multiple forms in our desktop application we need to write the connectionstring on each window form to access the SQL database. So guys what to do to ignore this multiple writing of connectionstring on each form?  To avoid this we use an app.config file into our desktop application as we use the web.config file in web application. As we describe our connectionstring once in this app.config file we can access this connectionstring multiple times on multiple forms from app.config file. in this article we will tell you the process to access this.

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Delegates in C#

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Delegates in .NET can be considered as address to methods. This can be considered to be equivalent to Function Pointers in C++. However, there are some difference like delegates are type-safe and a delegate class can hold reference to multiple methods.

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Introduction to Custom Attributes in C# .NET

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In order to understand how to write your own custom attributes, it is useful to know what the complier does when it encounters an element in the code which has been presented as a custom attribute applied to it.
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Export GridvView to PDF File in C#.NET

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Previously We have exported the GridView control to Excel/CSV files. Today we are going to export the GridView to PDF File. Exporting the GridView to PDF is a different thing. Because we need some other references to perform this. I have add a reference ‘iTextSharp.dll’ to export into PDF. Also in this article the process of exporting GridView to PDF is performing on a button click. On the Page_Load() event we are binding the GridView with the Database. As you will procees in this article you will get the process step by step. Also I have attached a demo project so you can also download the project.

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How to Use Crystal Report in C#.NET

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Report is the most important part of any application whether the application is developed in .net or any other platform. We use to print various reports in the application. We can print reports using two types of reports. First one is just a simple report and the other is Crystal Report. The second method is better because Crystal Report provide some extra features with the report. We need to just drag and drop the column of the table to show their values. I have used the .NET Framework 3.5 to print Crystal Report. Also we need to add a Data Set file to print the report. In this article I will explain how to print crystal reports by screen shots.

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Using Repeater Control in ASP.NET

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The Repeater control is used to display a repeated list of items that are bound to the control. The Repeater control may be bound to a database table, an XML file, or another list of items. In this article we will see how to bind Repeater control with database table. The Repeater control is mostly used when you need to display dynamic menu on your web application.


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MultiView Control in ASP.NET

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Sometimes while developing application we need to create a single page that can handle several different tasks. For example you want to create a page with multiple views and only one view can be shown at one time. This method reduce the page redirection in your web application,, because you are using multiple views at the same page. To do this we use MultiView Control in ASP.NET. MultiView gives us a way to declare multiple views and show only one at a time. It has no default user interface. In this project I am going to share a demo of using MultiView Control.


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How to Implement Google Translator API in ASP.NET

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This Article you will learn how to implement Google Translator API in your ASP.NET Web Application. Google Translator is used to translate the message or word or some texts from one language to another language. This translator is sometime very useful when you are developing a multi language support application in ASP.NET. To implement Google Translator I have used some jQuery Scripts that I am attaching later in this project.

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