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Wizard Control In ASP.NET

Wizard Control of ASP.NET help us to create a step by step wizard in our website. The Wizard control used when we want a big number of entries from user. Mainly we use this control in signup process of our site. In this article we will learn to use the Wizard control as well as we will see that how to customize the Wizard control according to our requirement. I have attached a demo project with this article. In this project I have used upto 3 steps. You can use more steps if required.

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Binding Combobox Control With Multiple Columns of Database Table

Previously we have discussed that how to bind Combo box control with Database Table’s column in WinForm. Today I will tell you that how to bind a Combo box control with multiple columns of a particular table. The way of binding is very simple. We are not writing extra code or not writing any complicated code to perform this task. Just in this article you will get what you are doing to perform this. Also we are fetching records in SqlDataReader and then binding multiple columns with Combo box Control. I have attached a project that will guide you to implement this task technically. Also I am attaching the coding of the page that will help you to learn the process.

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TreeView Navigation Control in ASP.NET

Previously we have discussed about Navigation controls in ASP.NET. Also we saw that how to use the SiteMapPath control for navigation between pages. Today we are going to use another Navigation control. The control is TreeView control. TreeView control is also used to navigate from one page to other page in an ASP.NET web application. Using the control in our web application is very simple. We need to drag and drop only the TreeView control from the Toolbar. Also after dragging and dropping the TreeView Control we need to add the nodes so that we can navigate from one page to other page easily. In this article you will see very small and simple example that will show you to use the control.

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How to use RadioButton Controls as RadioButtonList Control in ASP.NET WinForm

ASP.NET provide some list controls to select single as well as multiple values from a specific group. The RadioButton control is one of them. Previously we have learned how to work with CheckBox Control and CheckBoxList Control. The Radio Button List is also used to get a value from the list. But the main diference is that from the RadioButtonList we can select only one value from one group at a single time. If we are talking about the ASP.NET web application then there is a RadioButtonList oontrol that you can use. But while programming in the WinForm or Window Application you dont have any RadioButtonList Control. There is only RadioButton Control.  Read More →

How to Use SiteMapPath Control in Web Applicatioin

The SiteMapPath control basically is used to access web pages of the website from one webpage to another. It is a navigation control and displays the map of the site related to its web pages. This map includes the pages in the particular website and displays the name of those pages. You can click on that particular page in the Site Map to navigate to that page. We can say that the SiteMapPath control displays links for connecting to URLs of other pages. The SiteMapPath control uses a property called SiteMapProvider for accessing data from databases and it stores the information in a data source.

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How to Fetch the Checked Value in RadioButtonList Control in WinForm

In this article I will tell you that how to use the RadioButton control as a RadioButtonList control in ASP.NET Winforms. As you know that there is no specific control in place of RadioButtonList. So we use the RadionButton control and do some code so that we can use the RadioControl like a RadioButtonList control. I have taken 4 RadioButton controls in a panel. When you put all the RadioButton Controls in any single Container Control of ASP.NET, in that case the RadioButton control works like a RadioButtonList control. Also one important thing is that, when you want to fetch the selected value then you need to use the container control in which you have put all the RadioButton Controls.

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Bulleted List Control in ASP.NET

As you are a web developer you are very well known about HTML for web designing. While developing a web application we need to use many of HTML tags several times. These tags can be used inside the source code of the aspx page or in style (.css) files. Sometimes we need to use the HTML Controls in our .aspx page. Using HTML controls on .aspx page reduces the page load time as well as increase the execution of tha whole page. Today in this article we will learn how to use the Bulleted List control in ASP.NET. Also we can bind this Bulleted Control with our database table when required.


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AdRotator the Rich Web Control in ASP.NET

The basic purpose of the AdRotator is to provide a graphic on a page that is chosen randomaly from the group of possible images. We can also say that every time the page is requested an image is selected at random and displayed. One use of the AdRotator is to show banner-style advertisements on a page. Th AdRotator stores its list of image files in an XML file. Later in this article I will tell you how to use this control in


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TreeView, GroupBox Control and MDIParent Form in C#.NET

In this article I will show how to use TreeView Control in MDIParent Form. I have used C# language to do this. As you all know that TreeView Control in C#.NET Provide the Tree Look for the nodes. In this project I am binding the Window Application Form inside the GroupBox Control. So in this project you will learn to use MDIParent Form, TreeView Control and GroupBox Control.

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