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Convert() Function in SQL Server

The convert() function is used to convert an expression of one  specific data type to another type. Also this function can be used to represent the value of date/time type variable in different different format. As we will discuss later in this post we will see how we accomplish this task.

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How to convert DataSet to DataTable

Converting Dataset to DataTable in can be achieved in an easy way using only a few lines of code. This however, requires a deep knowledge of DataSet and DataTable as DataSet consists of one or more DataTables within which again have table schemas in them. This schema stores information such as column names, and their datatypes.

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Convert Numbers to Words in VB.NET

This project is about How to Convert any Number to Words. You can Convert any Decimal Number to Word using VB.NET. The code allow you to convert the number to the exact Rupees and Paisa. I hope you guys will enjoy this code. In this project we are using a class file to define the methods for converting Numbers to Words.


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