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How to Normalize a DataBase Table : Step-4 Converting the 2NF to 3NF

The final step for most of databases to be normalized is converting the 2NF to 3NF. After converting the databse into the 3rd normalization form or 3NF most of database are normalized. While converting the 2NF to 3NF we remeber a rule that remove any non-key attributes to a new table that are more dependent on other non-key attributes than a table key.

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How to Normalize a DataBase Table : Step-2 Converting the UNF to 1NF

As we have seen previously how to convert the data source to Un-Normalized Form also called UNF. Today we will proceed for the next step. In this step we transform the UNF into the first Normalization Form that is called 1NF. To accomplish this we need to remember a rule: we need to remove repeating attributes to a new table. here we will discuss the process to do this.

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Normalisation – A Technique to Design a Database System

The Normalisation is a data analysis technique to design a database system. The Normalisation allows the database designer to understand the current data structure within an organisation. The end result of a normalisation is a set of entity. We remove the unnecessary redudency by normalising the database table. Read More →

SQL Server Database Backup and Restore Database

While working with database we need to store our information time to time. and for that purpose we take the backup for that database. Backing up a database provide many solutions for us. The main thing is if we lost our database from SQL Server then we can restore our database from our computer. Also when we perform changes in our database the backup database automatically update the changes to the backup file. In this article we are going to create a backup file of Database. The backup file always contain the extension (.bak). Also we are going to learn how to restore the database later in the article.

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Fetching Records from Multiple Tables in SQL Database

When we are working with Tables in Database we need to perform some basic operation with Tables. These operations may be inserting records, updating records etc. The most important operation we need to know about the table is fetching records from the Table, also we can say retrieving records from tables. Sometime we need to retrieve records from multiple tables. When we are talking about more than a table the term “JOIN” comes in our mind. Because we use to Join two or more tables. The Joining of two or more table is very easy to implement in SQL Database. but we need to understand the basic concept of Joining. In this article we are fetching records from two tables using a simple query(not joining tables). Also we have used alias name for both tables.

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How to Attach Database File with Window Application Project

Attaching Database file inside your ASP.NET Window Application Project is not necessary but sometimes it is very useful for us. There are two ways to use database with your project. The first one is create a database in SQL server and write code in your front end to make a connection and the other one is attach a database inside the project with your project. The main benefit of attaching a database with your project is we do not need to copy our database file while moving our project from one system to other system. The database file is saved inside the project that means the file will pass automatically when we move the project.

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How to Show the Selected Item in the CheckBoxList – Fetching from the DataBase

I have divided this project in two sections. In first part of the project we will bind the CheckBoxList with Database as we did earlier. Then we will select some of the items from the CheckBoxList and insert into the DataBase Table. After the completion we will proceed to the next part of the project. In the second part we will fetch the value from the DataBase and fill the CheckBoxList with selected value only that we have inserted. As we will proceed you will get what we are actually doing.

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Inserting Multiple Checked Value from CheckBoxList to DataBase

Our recent post about how to bind a CheckBoxList with database. I hope all you guys have got very useful information. Today i will tell you that how to insert the values that are selected from the CheckboxList. Sometimes we need to select multiple values from the checkbox and we want to save all the selected values in a single column of database table. Also we will learn that how to show again these values in checkboxlist control. I have used C# as front-end and Sqlserver 2008 as back-end.

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Inserting Image into Database in C#.NET Window Application

Images are mostely used to recognize identification of any person or firm and while developing any Window Application you need to use Images many times within you Application. And also we need to save that Images into our Database so that we can access that images and use them when required. The one way to save Image inDatabase is inserting the location of Image, but this method is not efficient. Because this method generates problem some time.

In this article, I am going to tell you that how to store Image(not the location of Image) into Database directly from our Window Application Form. Inserting the whole Image is the most efficient way and also faster method to interact with database.

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Bind Combobox with Data From Database in C#.NET WinForm

A Combobox is a commonly used  Control in WinForm. It is a combination of a List Box and a single-line TextBox, allowing the user to either type a value directly into the control or choose from the list of existing options.

Sometime, We need to fetch the data from Database and bind data with Combobox Control, so that the list of data of the Combobox can be fetched from Database. Today I am going to show you how to bind a Combobox Control with SQL Server Database.

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