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How to Customize DataGridView Control in .Net Desktop Application

DataGridView control is used in desktop application to show the record values in tabular format, As we used GridView in web application. But the difference is the GridView is easy to customize. We can easily use the paging in gridview. But when we use DataGridView we need to do so manually. There are some functionality that we can apply on datagridview control. We can hide any particular column after fetching the data from the table, we can change the width of the column as well as we can change the header text that we want to put manually.

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Paging in DataGridView in WinForm

DataGridView Control provide you very effective  way to show your information. While using the DataGrdView control in .net you need to perform some basic information like retrieving data of DataGridView control. Today I am going to share a most important part of DataGridView control. I am going to tell you to perform Paging in DataGridView control The Paging in DataGridView is must when you are using DataGridView. Also let me tell you that there is no specific property or control to manage Paging in DataGridView. You have to do this task manually by writing code for paging.

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Retrieving Selected Row/Cell Values in DataGridView From C#.NET WinForm

This project will show you to bind data to the DataGridView control in C#.NET. Also how to fetch/retrieve the selected Row’s value and how to get a particular Cell value. Also in this project I am going to tell you to perform Insert and Update information from the same WinForm. and Once again you will get the information about passing data between WinForms. To retrieve the selected Row’s data we use the syntex:

string name= Convert.ToString(dgRecords.SelectedRows[0].Cells[1].Value)”

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DataGridView Data Binding in C#.NET WinForm

This project will show you to bind data to the DataGridView control in C#.NET. DataGridView control is very powerful control to work with database’ Records. You can show the records in efficient and effective way using this control. Today in this project I will also tell you to formating with the Columns of DataGridView controls. Suppose you want to hide some specific controls in the DataGridView Control or you want to set the width of column for specific data. I hope you will like this article and for next few days I will share some other interesting features about DataGridView Control.

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