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How to Attach Database File with Window Application Project

Attaching Database file inside your ASP.NET Window Application Project is not necessary but sometimes it is very useful for us. There are two ways to use database with your project. The first one is create a database in SQL server and write code in your front end to make a connection and the other one is attach a database inside the project with your project. The main benefit of attaching a database with your project is we do not need to copy our database file while moving our project from one system to other system. The database file is saved inside the project that means the file will pass automatically when we move the project.

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How to Upload a File in C#.NET

In this article I will tell you to Upload a File in C#.NET Web Application. File Uploading is must in various Web Applications. Also some time the developer need to save the Uploaded File in a Folder inside the Project so that the file can be accessible anywhere. So I will also tell you to store the File in Project’s Folder. To Upload File You can use FileUpload Control.



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