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Image Scrolling using jQuery in ASP.NET

Hello Everyone, Today I am going to share a project about scrolling Images in your application. I am using jQuery to do this.  Sometimes we required portfolio on our webapplication’s page. The portfolio like a collection of Images on the webpage. You will get some interesting information to scroll Images using jQuery in this article.


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JavaScript Image Rotator in ASP.NET

Sometimes, we need to rotate Images on ours web pages, it may be ads or some simple Images. In this article I am going to tell you that how to rotate an Image from a Group of Images using JavaScript in your ASP.NET Application. I hope you will enjoy this article as well as my demo project.

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Inserting Image into Database in C#.NET Window Application

Images are mostely used to recognize identification of any person or firm and while developing any Window Application you need to use Images many times within you Application. And also we need to save that Images into our Database so that we can access that images and use them when required. The one way to save Image inDatabase is inserting the location of Image, but this method is not efficient. Because this method generates problem some time.

In this article, I am going to tell you that how to store Image(not the location of Image) into Database directly from our Window Application Form. Inserting the whole Image is the most efficient way and also faster method to interact with database.

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How to browse an Image and create thumbnail of image in C#.NET Window Project

Uploading an image in the Web Application is very simple. Because the fileupload control is available to do this. But in Window Application this task can be implement by writing code. There is no control available to do this directly. So today I will show you how to browse an image from your system harddisk to your Window Project and also I will tell you to create a Thumbnail of image in C#.NET.

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