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Inserting Multiple Checked Value from CheckBoxList to DataBase

Our recent post about how to bind a CheckBoxList with database. I hope all you guys have got very useful information. Today i will tell you that how to insert the values that are selected from the CheckboxList. Sometimes we need to select multiple values from the checkbox and we want to save all the selected values in a single column of database table. Also we will learn that how to show again these values in checkboxlist control. I have used C# as front-end and Sqlserver 2008 as back-end.

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Inserting Image into Database in C#.NET Window Application

Images are mostely used to recognize identification of any person or firm and while developing any Window Application you need to use Images many times within you Application. And also we need to save that Images into our Database so that we can access that images and use them when required. The one way to save Image inDatabase is inserting the location of Image, but this method is not efficient. Because this method generates problem some time.

In this article, I am going to tell you that how to store Image(not the location of Image) into Database directly from our Window Application Form. Inserting the whole Image is the most efficient way and also faster method to interact with database.

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