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Creating Class file for AutoFill Combobox From Database

A Combobox control in window application is used to show the field values in list as we use DropDown List control in Web Application. And when we fill this combo box control there are two methods. First we fill the field values by adding items manually and in the second method we fill the combo box using Databse table. We need to create a connection with database and then we fill the combo box using data reader or data adapter. But what should the better solution if we have to fill the combobox in multiple pages or form.

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Fetching Records from Multiple Tables in SQL Database

When we are working with Tables in Database we need to perform some basic operation with Tables. These operations may be inserting records, updating records etc. The most important operation we need to know about the table is fetching records from the Table, also we can say retrieving records from tables. Sometime we need to retrieve records from multiple tables. When we are talking about more than a table the term “JOIN” comes in our mind. Because we use to Join two or more tables. The Joining of two or more table is very easy to implement in SQL Database. but we need to understand the basic concept of Joining. In this article we are fetching records from two tables using a simple query(not joining tables). Also we have used alias name for both tables.

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Inserting Multiple Checked Value from CheckBoxList to DataBase

Our recent post about how to bind a CheckBoxList with database. I hope all you guys have got very useful information. Today i will tell you that how to insert the values that are selected from the CheckboxList. Sometimes we need to select multiple values from the checkbox and we want to save all the selected values in a single column of database table. Also we will learn that how to show again these values in checkboxlist control. I have used C# as front-end and Sqlserver 2008 as back-end.

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