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Bind Combobox with Data From Database in C#.NET WinForm

A Combobox is a commonly used  Control in WinForm. It is a combination of a List Box and a single-line TextBox, allowing the user to either type a value directly into the control or choose from the list of existing options.

Sometime, We need to fetch the data from Database and bind data with Combobox Control, so that the list of data of the Combobox can be fetched from Database. Today I am going to show you how to bind a Combobox Control with SQL Server Database.

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How to Add User Control to a Winform in C#.NET

A User Control is a kind of composite control that works much like an WinForm. You can add existing  controls and markup to a User Control, and define properties and methods for the control. You can then embed them in WinForm, where they act as a unit. The topics in this section provide information on how User Controls work, how to create them, and how to add them to WinForm.

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How to Encrypt and Decrypt String in C#.NET

In Cryptography, Encryption is the process of transforming information using an algorithm to make it unreadable to anyone except those possessing special knowledge, usually referred to as a key. The result of the process is encrypted information. And the reversed form of Encryption is called Decryption. The process of making the encrypted information readable again is called Decryption. So my friends! How to use this technique in .NET so that we can make our confidential information unreadable to others and also we can easily change the information in readable form when required. Today I am going to share a project on Encryption and Decryption in .NET.

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