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DataList Paging in C#.NET

Hello Guys, Earlier We have discussed about the DataList Control in .NET. Also I have told you to Bind DataList Control with DataBase as well as Fetching the values of DataList Controls. Today I came with something interesting about DataList. Have you people reliazed that this is very necessary thing to manage the DataList in Custom Paging? I guess Yes! Because when we are representing the information in DataList we need to manage Paging. and because there is no option of Paging like GridView, we have to perform this task manually. In this project you will learn about Cutsom Paging in DataList Control.



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Paging in DataGridView in WinForm

DataGridView Control provide you very effective  way to show your information. While using the DataGrdView control in .net you need to perform some basic information like retrieving data of DataGridView control. Today I am going to share a most important part of DataGridView control. I am going to tell you to perform Paging in DataGridView control The Paging in DataGridView is must when you are using DataGridView. Also let me tell you that there is no specific property or control to manage Paging in DataGridView. You have to do this task manually by writing code for paging.

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