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TreeView Navigation Control in ASP.NET

Previously we have discussed about Navigation controls in ASP.NET. Also we saw that how to use the SiteMapPath control for navigation between pages. Today we are going to use another Navigation control. The control is TreeView control. TreeView control is also used to navigate from one page to other page in an ASP.NET web application. Using the control in our web application is very simple. We need to drag and drop only the TreeView control from the Toolbar. Also after dragging and dropping the TreeView Control we need to add the nodes so that we can navigate from one page to other page easily. In this article you will see very small and simple example that will show you to use the control.

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TreeView, GroupBox Control and MDIParent Form in C#.NET

In this article I will show how to use TreeView Control in MDIParent Form. I have used C# language to do this. As you all know that TreeView Control in C#.NET Provide the Tree Look for the nodes. In this project I am binding the Window Application Form inside the GroupBox Control. So in this project you will learn to use MDIParent Form, TreeView Control and GroupBox Control.

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