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Validate a Web Application Form using JavaScript Function

Hello guys, we have already learned that how to validate a web application form using validation controls. These validation controls are easy to use thats why the developers use these controls. But some time we need to make our web application more fast. As you all know that using more ASP.NET controls makes site more slow to load. So reduce the loading time of the web page we use sometimes JavaScript Function to validate the web form. JavaScript Function are also easy to use and thsi method is very fast to validate the form. and I hope that you will also learn that how to call a Javascript function from the code behind page in ASP.NET.


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How to validate Email Address in Window Form in C#.NET

  • July 26, 2011 at 9:33 am

A perfect Application should not only to show the output as our requirement, the application should also validated by the developer who developed the application. For web application we can use the controls to validate the web page. But in Window Application there is no available control for validation. We have to write code to perform various validations. So friends! How to know that EMail Id that was insert by the user is validate or not? The Email Id called a valid Email Id when it was inserted in the proper expression.This article will show you that how to validate Email Id in Window Application Form.

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