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How to Extract a URL’s Title, Description and Images using HTML Agility Utility

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Extracting the details from any web page URL is not so easy task. Because you need something to track that page. In this article we are going to extract the details like Title, Description and collection of Images. To do this we need HTML Agility Utility in our web application. When we share a link on Facebook or Google+ we see that the Image and description comes automatically after few seconds. Exactly they have coding to perform this. As we will proceed in this article we will learn step by step to do this. I am attaching a link to download the HTML Agility Utility and also the demo project that you can download on your PC for reference.

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How to Play a YouTube Video in ASP.NET Web Application

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In this article we are going to play a YouTube video file in our web application in asp.net. Sometimes we need to play the video in our application. This article will help you to perform this task in the easiest way. I have used a TextBox, Button and Div control to perform this task. Later in this article you will get the code to playing Video file in your asp.net project.


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Validate a Web Application Form using JavaScript Function

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Hello guys, we have already learned that how to validate a web application form using validation controls. These validation controls are easy to use thats why the developers use these controls. But some time we need to make our web application more fast. As you all know that using more ASP.NET controls makes site more slow to load. So reduce the loading time of the web page we use sometimes JavaScript Function to validate the web form. JavaScript Function are also easy to use and thsi method is very fast to validate the form. and I hope that you will also learn that how to call a Javascript function from the code behind page in ASP.NET.


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How to Upload a File in C#.NET

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In this article I will tell you to Upload a File in C#.NET Web Application. File Uploading is must in various Web Applications. Also some time the developer need to save the Uploaded File in a Folder inside the Project so that the file can be accessible anywhere. So I will also tell you to store the File in Project’s Folder. To Upload File You can use FileUpload Control.



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How to Encrypt and Decrypt String in C#.NET

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In Cryptography, Encryption is the process of transforming information using an algorithm to make it unreadable to anyone except those possessing special knowledge, usually referred to as a key. The result of the process is encrypted information. And the reversed form of Encryption is called Decryption. The process of making the encrypted information readable again is called Decryption. So my friends! How to use this technique in .NET so that we can make our confidential information unreadable to others and also we can easily change the information in readable form when required. Today I am going to share a project on Encryption and Decryption in .NET.

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