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Marquee a Text in C#.NET Window Application Form

In this article I am going to share another interesting concept with all of you. Many of you people are aware of Marquee tag in HTML to scroll Text. In case of .NET Development we can use this HTML tag in Web Application. But in Window Application there is no control availale to marquee a text in the WinForm. I have done this task using Timer Control. To Marquee a Text in WinForm we can use the Timer Control.

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Analog Clock in C#.NET Window Application Form

Hello Everyone, Previously we have discussed to develop a Digital Clock using Timer Control in C# Window Application. Today in This Article I will show you how to develop Analog Clock in C#.NET Application. An Analog clock looks more attractive when you develop this in C#.NET.  Since there is no control available for Analog Clock, we need to generate the clock using Graphics class and its methods and also Timer Control to move clock niddles.

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