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How to Use Crystal Report in C#.NET

Report is the most important part of any application whether the application is developed in .net or any other platform. We use to print various reports in the application. We can print reports using two types of reports. First one is just a simple report and the other is Crystal Report. The second method is better because Crystal Report provide some extra features with the report. We need to just drag and drop the column of the table to show their values. I have used the .NET Framework 3.5 to print Crystal Report. Also we need to add a Data Set file to print the report. In this article I will explain how to print crystal reports by screen shots.

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Build a Setup Project in ASP.NET

There are three types of applications in and that are Console Applications, Web Applications and Window Applications. Today we are talking about Window Applications. While developing Window Applications we need to remember the most import thing about the Window Applications work area. As we know that Window Applications or Window Projects run on the client system. and to run this projects on the client system we need to create a setup of the project. In this article we will discuss that how to build a setup project in ASP.NET. I have attached some screen shots that will help you to understand the process easily. We will proceed through step by step.

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How to Attach Database File with Window Application Project

Attaching Database file inside your ASP.NET Window Application Project is not necessary but sometimes it is very useful for us. There are two ways to use database with your project. The first one is create a database in SQL server and write code in your front end to make a connection and the other one is attach a database inside the project with your project. The main benefit of attaching a database with your project is we do not need to copy our database file while moving our project from one system to other system. The database file is saved inside the project that means the file will pass automatically when we move the project.

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How to add TabPages in TabControl dynamically in a C#.NET Window Application

Today I will tell you about using Tab Control in a Window Application Form. The Tab Control is mainly used to show our WinForms together as a TabPages. Also I am going to share that how to add TabPages at run time or we can say that add Tabpages dynamically. In this project you will learn many useful things about C# WinForms and Tab Control.

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Analog Clock in C#.NET Window Application Form

Hello Everyone, Previously we have discussed to develop a Digital Clock using Timer Control in C# Window Application. Today in This Article I will show you how to develop Analog Clock in C#.NET Application. An Analog clock looks more attractive when you develop this in C#.NET.  Since there is no control available for Analog Clock, we need to generate the clock using Graphics class and its methods and also Timer Control to move clock niddles.

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Inserting Image into Database in C#.NET Window Application

Images are mostely used to recognize identification of any person or firm and while developing any Window Application you need to use Images many times within you Application. And also we need to save that Images into our Database so that we can access that images and use them when required. The one way to save Image inDatabase is inserting the location of Image, but this method is not efficient. Because this method generates problem some time.

In this article, I am going to tell you that how to store Image(not the location of Image) into Database directly from our Window Application Form. Inserting the whole Image is the most efficient way and also faster method to interact with database.

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Bind Combobox with Data From Database in C#.NET WinForm

A Combobox is a commonly used  Control in WinForm. It is a combination of a List Box and a single-line TextBox, allowing the user to either type a value directly into the control or choose from the list of existing options.

Sometime, We need to fetch the data from Database and bind data with Combobox Control, so that the list of data of the Combobox can be fetched from Database. Today I am going to show you how to bind a Combobox Control with SQL Server Database.

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How to Add User Control to a Winform in C#.NET

A User Control is a kind of composite control that works much like an WinForm. You can add existing  controls and markup to a User Control, and define properties and methods for the control. You can then embed them in WinForm, where they act as a unit. The topics in this section provide information on how User Controls work, how to create them, and how to add them to WinForm.

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How to customize the Dialog Box in C#.Net Window Application

Hello everyone, how to show a Dialog Box in C#.NET Window Application? Its very simple task because you just have to show the messagebox.Show() method. But some time we need to customize the dialog box according to our requirement. Today I will show you that how to customize the Dialog Box in C#.NET Window Application.

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How to validate Email Address in Window Form in C#.NET

  • July 26, 2011 at 9:33 am

A perfect Application should not only to show the output as our requirement, the application should also validated by the developer who developed the application. For web application we can use the controls to validate the web page. But in Window Application there is no available control for validation. We have to write code to perform various validations. So friends! How to know that EMail Id that was insert by the user is validate or not? The Email Id called a valid Email Id when it was inserted in the proper expression.This article will show you that how to validate Email Id in Window Application Form.

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