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Creating Class file for AutoFill Combobox From Database

A Combobox control in window application is used to show the field values in list as we use DropDown List control in Web Application. And when we fill this combo box control there are two methods. First we fill the field values by adding items manually and in the second method we fill the combo box using Databse table. We need to create a connection with database and then we fill the combo box using data reader or data adapter. But what should the better solution if we have to fill the combobox in multiple pages or form.

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How to use RadioButton Controls as RadioButtonList Control in ASP.NET WinForm

ASP.NET provide some list controls to select single as well as multiple values from a specific group. The RadioButton control is one of them. Previously we have learned how to work with CheckBox Control and CheckBoxList Control. The Radio Button List is also used to get a value from the list. But the main diference is that from the RadioButtonList we can select only one value from one group at a single time. If we are talking about the ASP.NET web application then there is a RadioButtonList oontrol that you can use. But while programming in the WinForm or Window Application you dont have any RadioButtonList Control. There is only RadioButton Control.  Read More →

How to Fetch the Checked Value in RadioButtonList Control in WinForm

In this article I will tell you that how to use the RadioButton control as a RadioButtonList control in ASP.NET Winforms. As you know that there is no specific control in place of RadioButtonList. So we use the RadionButton control and do some code so that we can use the RadioControl like a RadioButtonList control. I have taken 4 RadioButton controls in a panel. When you put all the RadioButton Controls in any single Container Control of ASP.NET, in that case the RadioButton control works like a RadioButtonList control. Also one important thing is that, when you want to fetch the selected value then you need to use the container control in which you have put all the RadioButton Controls.

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Paging in DataGridView in WinForm

DataGridView Control provide you very effective  way to show your information. While using the DataGrdView control in .net you need to perform some basic information like retrieving data of DataGridView control. Today I am going to share a most important part of DataGridView control. I am going to tell you to perform Paging in DataGridView control The Paging in DataGridView is must when you are using DataGridView. Also let me tell you that there is no specific property or control to manage Paging in DataGridView. You have to do this task manually by writing code for paging.

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Retrieving Selected Row/Cell Values in DataGridView From C#.NET WinForm

This project will show you to bind data to the DataGridView control in C#.NET. Also how to fetch/retrieve the selected Row’s value and how to get a particular Cell value. Also in this project I am going to tell you to perform Insert and Update information from the same WinForm. and Once again you will get the information about passing data between WinForms. To retrieve the selected Row’s data we use the syntex:

string name= Convert.ToString(dgRecords.SelectedRows[0].Cells[1].Value)”

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DataGridView Data Binding in C#.NET WinForm

This project will show you to bind data to the DataGridView control in C#.NET. DataGridView control is very powerful control to work with database’ Records. You can show the records in efficient and effective way using this control. Today in this project I will also tell you to formating with the Columns of DataGridView controls. Suppose you want to hide some specific controls in the DataGridView Control or you want to set the width of column for specific data. I hope you will like this article and for next few days I will share some other interesting features about DataGridView Control.

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How to add TabPages in TabControl dynamically in a C#.NET Window Application

Today I will tell you about using Tab Control in a Window Application Form. The Tab Control is mainly used to show our WinForms together as a TabPages. Also I am going to share that how to add TabPages at run time or we can say that add Tabpages dynamically. In this project you will learn many useful things about C# WinForms and Tab Control.

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Marquee a Text in C#.NET Window Application Form

In this article I am going to share another interesting concept with all of you. Many of you people are aware of Marquee tag in HTML to scroll Text. In case of .NET Development we can use this HTML tag in Web Application. But in Window Application there is no control availale to marquee a text in the WinForm. I have done this task using Timer Control. To Marquee a Text in WinForm we can use the Timer Control.

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Analog Clock in C#.NET Window Application Form

Hello Everyone, Previously we have discussed to develop a Digital Clock using Timer Control in C# Window Application. Today in This Article I will show you how to develop Analog Clock in C#.NET Application. An Analog clock looks more attractive when you develop this in C#.NET.  Since there is no control available for Analog Clock, we need to generate the clock using Graphics class and its methods and also Timer Control to move clock niddles.

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Inserting Image into Database in C#.NET Window Application

Images are mostely used to recognize identification of any person or firm and while developing any Window Application you need to use Images many times within you Application. And also we need to save that Images into our Database so that we can access that images and use them when required. The one way to save Image inDatabase is inserting the location of Image, but this method is not efficient. Because this method generates problem some time.

In this article, I am going to tell you that how to store Image(not the location of Image) into Database directly from our Window Application Form. Inserting the whole Image is the most efficient way and also faster method to interact with database.

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