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Implementing Skew Transformation in WPF

In this article we are going to perform the one of the basic Transformation technique that is Skew Transform. The term Transformation means perform rotation with the object. The rotation can be performed on the x-axis or may be on y-axis. he term Skew means to turn or place something at an angle or on its side. In this article we are implementing the Skew Transform in four different different directions. These directions are any angle of X or angle of Y or center of X or center of Y. We are doing all this task in a WPF application of .NET. Firstly we will discuss about the controls used to perform this. then we will discuss that how we can implement the Skew Transform in the WPF application.

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Spell Checker in WPF Application

While developing a WPF Application we need to think about the efficiency and effectiveness of the application. Also we need to check whether the spelling of each word is correct or not. In this article I will tell you that how to check the spell in a WPF Application. You need to enable the SpellCheck Property for the WPF Application control.

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Introduction to WPF: How to build your First WPF Application in C#.NET

This article will help you to build your first WPF Application. Also I am going to share some important facts about the WPF Applications in this article. As you guys know that the WPF stands for Windows Presentation Foundation. WPF is a graphical subsystem to rendering user interfaces in Window based .NET Application. Also I am going to share a demo project that will help you to use the ButtonSpinner Control in WPF Application.



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